Our Writing Approach

‘If they can’t say it, they can’t write it.’
Ros Wilson

At Knox Park Primary School our writing framework consists of a range of proven elements that when combined, create a rigorous and engaging foundation for the teaching of writing. The building blocks of our approach consist of utilising Big Write and VCOP, as well as Writer’s Notebooks to generate ideas.

What is Big Write and VCOP?

Big Write and VCOP is a fast paced, fun filled writing program that is based around talk. At the heart of Big Write is the development of the writing voice. Big Write and VCOP creates a positive ethos towards writing for all students. Writing improvement is achieved through a series of highly motivating, differentiated lessons that embed all the basic skills and knowledge that children require to be successful and to continue to improve. The use of the Australian Criterion Scale ensures consistency of assessment between and across grade levels.

The Big Write methodology is; ‘if they can’t say it, they can’t write it.’ With talk and communication, an imperative element of the program, it directly appeals those who are reluctant writers.

Our children are encouraged to be ambitious, up-level their work and focus on the elements of VCOP in their writing. By highlighting these areas as and independently using the Student Criterion Scale, our children are empowered by understanding the simple and successful ways to improve their writing.

Through the use of VCOP children will develop 4 main aspects of their writing

V – Vocabulary – Words that make you go ‘WOW’

C – Connectives – Words that connect sentences together

O – Openers – Effective ways to begin sentences

P – Punctuation – Power punctuation