Our Reader’s Workshop Approach

‘We can’t learn to swim without swimming, to write without writing, to sing without singing, or to read without reading.’

Reader’s Workshop is a framework for reading instruction that provides children with authentic reading experiences that focus on the strengths and needs of each individual child.

The basic philosophy behind the Reader’s Workshop approach is to allow children to spend an extended amount of time reading authentic (self choice) texts that interest them on a daily basis and to provide opportunities to talk about literature and to develop a life-long interest and passion in reading.

Readers Workshop empowers children to;

  • view reading as a meaning-making process, as opposed to one about words and word parts
  • identify and talk about many beloved titles, authors, and genres
  • independently choose books of interest at their reading level
  • self-monitor for understanding and use fix-up strategies when necessary
  • engage in meaningful reading for a sustained period of time
  • discuss and think about books with others

Knox Park Primary School’s Readers Workshop Lesson Structure

Time allocated to each element of a typical Readers Workshop lesson at Knox Park Primary School.